StandardAero has completed development of its signature StandardAero PowerCheckTMmobile
application, designed to provide easy calculation of engine performance based on Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) power assurance charts for Rolls-Royce M250 engine operators across the globe.

The initial StandardAero PowerCheck computer-based platform was launched in the 1990’s to better
facilitate power assurance checks by eliminating the need to manually plot parameters on paper graphs provided in the airframe manuals. The newly designed application builds on the success of that program and now utilizes current mobile technology to provide a more user-friendly, easily accessible interface.

In early 2017, internal development of the new mobile application began, and StandardAero identified launch customers to test the new design, providing valuable input to drive the application’s enhanced usefulness.

"Engaging in our customers’ operations to understand their needs, then developing solutions that meet those needs and improve their business has always been a goal for us," said Manny Atwal, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Commercial Helicopter Services at StandardAero. "We are pleased to offer this new technology to operators, and we look forward to further enhancing the application’s features to continue meeting our customers’ evolving needs."

Using the simplified mobile application, the pilot selects their airframe and engine type from a drop-down style menu, and then inputs basic parameter information to effortlessly calculate the engine’s performance margin. Once calculated, power check results can easily be stored and tracked within the application, making performance data readily available to maintenance personnel. As an additional feature, should an operator desire, StandardAero can review the saved data for the fleet and provide proactive recommendations to the operator based on indicated performance metrics.

The StandardAero PowerCheck mobile application is now available for download via the Apple App
Store, Google Play or the desktop version can be downloaded at

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