Rolls-Royce M250 Engine

From the beginning, the M250 engine established the standard and created an evolution of versatile and proven turbine engines. Today we are powering the world's most popular helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

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Rolls-Royce RR300 Engine

The affordable RR300 makes smooth and reliable turbine-powered flight possible for a new generation of aircraft.

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Welcome to the FIRST Network, the best option for affordable, reliable and authorized service for your Rolls-Royce helicopter engine.

In order to provide global and competitive support Rolls-Royce has established the FIRST Network with over 30 authorized service centers, providing operators the maximum level of choice and competition for local service and support. By offering a joint network of company owned Rolls-Royce Repair & Overhaul Facilities, independent Authorized Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Centers, Authorized Maintenance Centers, Authorized Military Overhaul Facilities, and Authorized Repair Facilities, Rolls-Royce ensures there are always options. 

The FIRST Network keeps your fleet operational by providing:

  • Engine maintenance services
  • Module repair and overhaul services
  • Engine repair and overhaul services
  • Component and accessory repair, overhaul and exchange services
  • Field support personnel
  • Warranty administration
  • Technical data

Visit the Rolls-Royce website for more information regarding other Rolls-Royce engines, services and customer support.

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