Why choose the Rolls-Royce M250/RR300 FIRST Network for service?

With 16,000 turboshaft and turboprop engines in service with more than 4,500 customers, nothing less than world class service will do

The Rolls-Royce FIRST (Fully Integrated Rolls-Royce Support Team) Network is the authorized global support network for operators of M250 and RR300 engines, providing affordable, reliable support solutions.

The FIRST Network includes more than 30 approved, licensed service centers and Boeing locations around the world, and its competitive structure means operators can find affordable and reliable service anywhere for Rolls-Royce M250 or RR300 engines. Aviall Inc. (a Boeing company) is a key part of the FIRST network and is the global authorized distributor for Rolls-Royce M250/RR300 engines, parts, modules and tooling.

  • 24/7 global support, backed by a world-class Rolls-Royce Operations Center
  • Proven member experience gained from more than 100,000 M250 engine repairs and overhauls
  • Network members are authorized by Rolls-Royce and supported by Boeing, providing exceptional, affordable service to over 4,500 operators globally
  • Competitive structure offering affordability, reliability and performance

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